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Rudrasoft is providing Microsoft Power BI designed by Experienced Professionals in Microsoft . You will be master in Microsoft Power BI , if you complete course in Rudrasoft. Rudrasoft specifically designed Microsoft Power BI course to clear your interviews and to work on your project from day one, if you are moving from other technologies to Microsoft Power BI and Certifications which are related to Power BI.

As part of Microsoft Power BI Course, we will train you SQL Server, Power Query, Power BI Service, Power BI Reporting Server, DAX and so on..

What is Power BI ?

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of business analytics tools which is used to implement ELT(Extract and Load Transform data), Analytics can be done with Power BI Modeling and Reports will be created with various visualizations and publish them throughout your organization. Power BI can take data from hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. We can create beautiful customized reports then we can publish reports to either Power BI Services which is running on Cloud or Power BI Reporting Server which is running on Premise.

Business Users can access the reports across Web and Mobile devices. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business. And scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in.

What is BI ?

It’s process of converting DATA(Machin can understand) into Information(Human Being can understand) is known as Business Intelligence. There are two types Business Intelligence tools in the market Traditional BI Tools Next Generation BI Tools (Self Service BI tools) Power BI comes under Next Generation BI tools

Power BI Desktop

It is core component of Microsoft Power BI. It is integrated with Power Query, Reports and Relationships. We can do 100 percentage development here. Once everything is done, we can publish it based on requirement. Power Query: Power Query Is GUI tool. It is used to transform the data to consolidate it like Merging, Appending, Creating Custom Columns, Creating Conditional Columns, Applying Aggregations, sorting if required and removing unwanted data. To work on Power Query, make sure, you should be connected to SOURCE else you can get data into Power Query. Power Query is developed with help of M Language. If required, we need to modify/write M script also.

Power BI Modeling:

Need to do modeling on DATA in Power BI Desktop. We can create relationships and Measures. If want to know about it clearly then you can subscribe Microsoft Power BI course in Rudrasoft.


It is Data Analysis Expression which is used to modeled the data in Power BI and SSAS Tabular Model. It’s collection of functions to apply expressions to get data. It’s very important to work on Microsoft Power BI.

Reports: Microsoft Power BI is offering various visual to create reports. If those visual are not suitable for Business, then Microsoft Power BI can take visuals from Market Place or Outside. For every visual in Power BI has their own specifications to use it. If you understand about each and every visual and your business data then you can choose right visual for right data.

Power BI Service: Power BI Service is a Software as Service which is running on Cloud and managed by Microsoft Corporation. Power BI reports will be published to Power BI Service. We can maintain the Reports, Datasets, Workbooks and Creating Dashboards. We can also ask questions about your Business data, Power BI will give the answers to the user. User can access the report from any device and from anywhere.

Always be in the know. View dashboards on the Web or on your phone, get alerts when data changes and drill into details. Your data is at your fingertips.

Power BI Reporting Server: Power BI Report Server is an On-premises report server with a web portal in which you display and manage reports and KPIs, along with the tools to create Power BI reports, paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs. Power BI Report Server is maintained by own organization so more control on server. If want to know about it clearly then you can subscribe Microsoft Power BI course in Rudrasoft.

Power BI Mobile:

It is Mobile is a mobile application which is used to View the Reports and dashboards shared with us. We can design mobile reports with mobile layout in Power BI desktop then we can publish it to Power BI Service or Power BI Reporting Server.

Securely access and view live Power BI dashboards and reports on any device, with native mobile BI apps for Windows, iOS, and Android.