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Interview Questions

Power BI Interview Questions(1-20)

What is Power BI ?

What is Power BI Service ?

What is Power BI Desktop ?

Can you create a reports with Power BI Service ?

What are differences between Power BI Services and Power BI Desktop ?

Can you take data from different Data Sources in Power BI ?

Can you create a Power BI Report by taking data from two differenet Datasets ?

Can you take data from Power BI Service into Power Bi Desktop ?

How can you Publish Power BI Report?

What is Dashboard ?

It is combination various visualizations from Various Reports.

Can you publish Dashboard ?

We can not publish Dashbord. We can share Dashboard with users.

What is Workspace ?

We can create Workspace to store/create Dashboards, Reports, Datasets and Worksheets

What are difference between My Workspace and App Workspace?

Can we get alert mail, if there you reach your goal in your Business ?

How do you know, if there is changes in the Dashboard/Report ?

How can you share the Power BI Report ?

How the users can see the reports?

Power BI Interview Questions (21-40)

How do you know the usage metrics of the Power BI report?

Are you sharing the Reports to Public or Private ?

What is Workbook in Power BI ?

What is Dataset ?

What is Report ?

What is On-demand Refresh ?

If you want to check whether is working or not, then we use on-demand refresh

If the schedule is failed, then we can use on-demand refresh

What is Scheduling Refresh ?

What is Power BI Data Gateway ?

How can you get the latest data from Databases to the Power BI Report ?

Who can install and configur Data Gateway ? Do you have experiance on it ?

What is the usage of Subscriptions in Power BI ?

Can you edit the Reports in Power BI Service ?

Can you add the new fields in Power BI Service ?

Can you read data from Webpage, if Yes, How can you do it ?

How many types of ways are there to pull data from Database into Power BI Desktop ?

Can you take data from Database and SSAS Tabular Model into Power BI Desktop ?

What is Import?

What is Direct Query?

Diffirences between Import and Direct Query ?

Can you publish Power BI Report, if the size of the file is more than 1GB?

If you are getting data from different data sources, How can you consolidate the data in Power BI?

What is Power Query?

What is Merge Queries?

What is Append Queries ?

What is Modeling in Power BI ? What is the use of it? How do you know, to use Modeling ?

Can you create table in Power BI ?, If yes, How can you do it ?

Can you create conditional based column in Power BI with Power Query?

How can you get the difference between two dates?

Power BI Interview Questions (41-60)

What Join types are there in Power BI?

What is the difference between SQL joins and Power BI join types ?

Can you create a column by selecting specific columns in Power Query ?

What issues, you faced when you are taking data from Excel file into Power BI?

Can you append data, if the order of the columns or names of the columns are diffierent ?

What is the use of Table Visualization?

What is Matrix ? Did you use it in your project ?

What is Stepped layout ? Where did you use it ?

What is Stacked Column Chart?

What is the use of Tooltip?

What is the use conditional formatting ? How can you it?

What is "Color By Rule" ?

It is used to provide specific color for specific condition Ex: If SAL is less than 1000 then background color is Red If SAL is greater than or equal to 2000 and less than 3000 then background color is "Yellow"Else "Green"

What are the types of filters ?

Report Filter, Page Level filter, Visual level filter and Drill through filter

What is the Interaction ?

Can you move measure from one table to other table ?

What is Quick Measure ? What is the use of it ?

What is Slicer ?

Can you provide dropdown for the Slicer ?

Power BI Interview Questions (61-more)

Can you select more than one item in the Slicer ?

You have selected values for the Slicer but can you clear all values at one shot ?

Can you provide searching option in the Slicer ?

Can you create table with DAX in Power BI?

Can you create more than aggreagted field using Power Query

How can you get first 3 characters from date to show month name ?

How can you get the experiance or Age ?

What is Pie Chart ?

Can you show more items in Pie Chart ?

If you are not able to keep in Pie or Donaught chart, then what is the solution ? Treemap

Can you sort a colum by another column ?

What is the differences between SUM and SUMX functions?

What is FILTER function ?

What is expression to get First Name and Last Name from Full Name using DAX ? LEFT, RIGHT, LEN, FIND

Can you create Variables in Power BI ?

What is Row Level Security (RLS)

It is used to restrict the data based on access level. We can create Roles in Power BI Desktop but we can handle it in the Power BI Service.

Do we need to schedule the report to get the latest data from SSAS tabular model ?

No need to schedule the report, if you are getting data from SSAS tabular model but we need Data Gateway.

What Gatway you are using ?

We are using Recommended Gateway.

Actual, Prior, Budget, Forecast, MTD, QTD, YTD, YoY(Actual - Prior), %YoY(YoY/Prior), VTB(Actual-Budget), %VTB (Actual - Budget)/Budget, VTF, %VTF

Travel Pack, PnL, WCB Finance, Budget Eye, Forecast Eye

Revenue Performance